Three interns finished their internships

In September, 2020, we welcomed three interns; Mr. Ishizuka from National Institute of Technology, Yonago College, Mr. Shimokubo from National Institute of Technology, Kagoshima College, and Mr. Hatakeyama from Waseda University.

  • Mr. Ishizuka did the internship entirely online for two weeks and learnt how to use Unity and Vuforia to detect hand-drawn illustrations, make them float and animate in mid-air, and realize an AR shooting game. He also learnt how to use an M5Stack Gray to recognize objects by the camera.
  • Mr. Shimokubo stayed with us for one month and conducted a user study on the impact of interfering visual stimuli on task performance using a Unity application.
  • Mr. Hatakeyama stayed with us for two weeks and learned how to do research by interviewing the lab students. After the internship, he will carry out his own research with our remote supervision.

Everyone, please continue to do your best by making use of what you have gained from your internship!

The second person from the right in the front row is Mr. Shimokubo, and the third person is Mr. Hatakeyama. We held our breath and took off the mask only when photo taking. 🙂