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We welcome motivated students

What is your dream? Want to create a tool of the future? Want to become able to do magic? Want to make people around you smile? Want to help someone in need? Want to know more about human beings? We are here to help you realize your dreams.

We grow up giving up on the simple dreams we envisioned when we were little. It’s a very negative term to say, “knowing reality” or “seeing reality.” But with AR, VR, and various technologies, we can change the “reality” of the world. You can design in the midair in front of you, see through walls, fly through the air, transform into different people, touch each other at a distance, “see” audio even if you are deaf, and “hear” visual information around you even if you are blind. People who want to make their wishes come true and those in need will not have to give up.

Let’s create the future by yourself. We are looking for motivated students who are interested in Cybernetics technology and Reality Engineering technology to make people happier. The most important thing to consider when deciding on a research topic is whether it is exciting or not. We will then support you to develop that research topic to a high level that will be accepted by top conferences and top journals.

In our lab, we especially welcome students who:

  • Have a desire to make humanity happier through science and technology,
  • Have a strong interest in human perception, cognition, psychology, and bodily functions,
  • Love manufacturing and have the tenacity to not give up, and
  • Have no allergy to mathematics and English.

If you have found our website and read this far, we think you are well qualified. Let’s create a better world together.

We have an increasing number of students who want to join our laboratory. However, the interview at the entrance exam is very short. If you want to join us, you are strongly encouraged to contact us and take a lab interview / a lab tour (online options are available) to know each other better before the entrance exam. We accept visitors and short term interns anytime despite covid-19.

  • Lab experience can be requested from here

Conditions to become a research student

We accept many short term research students from all over the world. To become a research student of our laboratory, you need to have a place to return after the research period such as a university or a company, or, you need to have already passed the entrance examination of NAIST. Please understand that we cannot accept you as a research student if you do not have a place to return nor have yet passed the entrance examination of NAIST. 


Please contact us if you have any questions or comments.