Spring Seminar was held from February 17 to 19, 2021

The Spring Seminar was held from February 17 (Wednesday) to 21 (Friday) and 8 students have participated in it.

At the Spring Seminar, 8 participants worked on application development like the followings.

  • Use an M5Stack Gray to acquire motion data of the 9-axis sensor, and then classify the user motion in real-time by using a few machine learning algorithms such as a decision tree and k-NN.
  • Use Vuforia or ARCore together with Unity to overlay a variety of 3D objects in the real environment.

Although there were some difficulties in debugging the codes, we believe that all the participants gained a comprehensive experience of a workflow of application development. By this seminar, we hope that the participants are more encouraged to create things. We also hope that they will demonstrate their abilities in the entrance exam.