Spring Seminar will be held from Feb 27 to Mar 1, 2023

Spring Seminar will be held from Feb 27 to Mar 1. The contents are as follows.
If you are interested, please apply below.

  • Development of AR Apps using AR Foundation and a smartphone
    • AR Try-on App
    • Speech Transcription App
    • AR Object Placement App
    • AR Furniture Arrangement App
    • AR Drum-set App

  • Development of motion recognition apps etc. using M5Stack Gray’s 9-axis sensors and display
    • Type recognition of a thrown ball
    • State recognition of a seated person
    • Character recognition drawn in the air
    • Bus-time checking App by web scraping

  • Development of user state recognition applications using myoelectric sensors, skin conductance sensors, heart rate sensors, etc.
    • A virtual character that change with muscle activity
    • Decorating virtual scenes with facial expressions
    • A virtual character who comforts you when you are down