Seven interns finished their internships

We welcomed seven interns including the four below from March to May, 2022.

  • Tamami Watanabe of Doshisha Univ. developed a system that recognizes the user’s facial expressions and returns different feedback to the character. She also worked on the modeling and rigging of the character by herself.
  • Shuhei Yamaguchi of Nihon Univ. developed a system that presents the sensation of walking in a VR space using arm swing and vibration stimulation to the legs. He also conducted a user study in a short period of time.
  • Erika Kimura if Japan Women’s Univ. developed a language learning system that displays English words corresponding to movements recognized using accelerometers. (online participation)
  • Takeshi Kurokawa of Osaka Institute of Technology developed a system that presents virtual objects of different weights using the principle of pseudo-haptics.
  • Naoki Komoto of Kanazawa Univ. developed a support system for the visually impaired that recognizes objects from a scene and reads out the color of the largest object.

Everyone, please continue to do your best by making use of what you have gained from your internship!

Our laboratory accepts internships (in Japanese), daily campus tours, and lab experiences throughout the year. If you wish, please feel free to apply.