Summer Seminar was held from August 22 to 24, 2022

The Summer Seminar was held from August 22 (Monday) to 24 (Wednesday), 2022. 9 students (8 in-person and 1 online) have participated in the seminar. 2 more students who are taking an internship also joined and they worked on following topics.

  • Development of AR Apps using AR Foundation and a smartphone
    • 3D object recognition
    • AR robot catch and run
    • AR object placement app
    • AR ring toss
    • AR takoyaki catch game
    • OTHEJIKI game that mixes othello and ohajiki (tiddlywinks)
    • AR fireworks, AR whack-a-mole, and AR dragon
    • AR empty can throw
    • AR dragon
  • Development of motion recognition apps etc. using M5Stack Gray’s 9-axis sensors and display
    • Muscle training support
    • Text input method recognition

Although there were some difficulties in debugging the codes, we believe that all the participants gained a comprehensive experience of a workflow of application development. By this seminar, we hope that the participants are more encouraged to create things.