3 students exhibited their research at Umekita

Three M1 students, Mr. Arisumi, Ms. Nakata, and Mr. Yamaoka, exhibited their research results at Innovation Stream KANSAI 6.0 from February 20 to 21, 2023. We received useful feedback from many visitors, and it was a very valuable opportunity for us to advance our research.

  • “Development of a low-stress light stimulation device for routine Alzheimer’s disease treatment” (Yamaoka)
    • This is a study on goggles that promise to inhibit the progression of Alzheimer’s disease by simply putting them on.
  • “Research on information presentation for sound source localization for the hearing impaired” (Nakata)
    • This is a study on a hat-type device that enables deaf people to know the direction of sound by vibration.
  • “AR display of environmental sounds for the hearing impaired” (Arisumi)
    • This is a study on AR that recognizes types of environmental sounds and displays them as onomatopoeic at the sound location.