[Awards] Prof. Kiyokawa received three IEEE VGTC VR Awards

Prof. Kiyoshi Kiyokawa received the IEEE VGTC VR Service Award and the 2022 IEEE VGTC VR Technical Achievement Award at the same time, and be selected as an inaugural class member of IEEE VGTC VR Academy of leading researchers in VR/AR.

The IEEE VGTC VR Service Award was newly established in 2022 and Prof. Kiyoshi Kiyokawa became the first-ever recipient. The IEEE VGTC VR Technical Achievement Award was awarded a single individual (except for 2015 which selected three recipients) every year since 2005 (except 2011 which has no recipient), and he became the 19th recipient overall and the 2nd Japanese recipient after Prof. Hirokazu Kato in 2009. The IEEE VGTC VR Academy was established in 2022 and 49 individuals were inducted.

  • Message from Prof. Kiyokawa:
    I am extremely surprised and honored to be awarded these prestigious awards at the same time. I feel fortunate that all this happened in front of many legendary researchers such as Ivan Sutherland who joined the Academy at the same time. I would like to thank everybody, especially my supervisors Naokazu Yokoya and Haruo Takemura, and all who have worked with me. I would like to keep contributing to the community to make the world a better place.