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Our former student Hasegawa's paper has been accepted to MDPI Sensors Journal. His study confirmed that the speed of later work tended to improve when presenting the running human-shaped avatar on smart glasses. https://www.mdpi.com/1424-8220/22/6/2272 (The paper PDF is open access) Eiichi Hasegawa, Naoya Isoyama, Diego Vilela Monteiro (Birmingham City Univ), Nobuchika Sakata (Ryukoku Univ), and Kiyoshi Kiyokawa "The Effects of Speed-Modulated Visual Stimuli Seen through Smart Read more
Prof. Kiyoshi Kiyokawa received the IEEE VGTC VR Service Award and the 2022 IEEE VGTC VR Technical Achievement Award at the same time, and be selected as an inaugural class member of IEEE VGTC VR Academy of leading researchers in VR/AR. The IEEE VGTC VR Service Award was newly established in 2022 and Prof. Kiyoshi Kiyokawa became the first-ever recipient. The IEEE VGTC VR Technical Achievement Read more
At IEEE VR 2022, Ms. Hu (D1) presented her work at the Doctoral Consortium, and Mr. Zhang, Mr. Yoshimura, and Mr. Otono presented their work at the Poster Session. Xiaodan Hu "Designing and Optimizing Daily-wear Photophobic Smart Sunglasses" Yan Zhang, Kiyoshi Kiyokawa, Naoya Isoyama, Hideaki Uchiyama, and Xubo Yang (Shanghai Jiao Tong University) "Add-on Occlusion: An External Module for Optical See-through Augmented Reality Displays to Support Read more
Mr. Uno (M2) gave a following presentation at the 73rd Ubiquitous Computing Systems workshop, JSPS, which was held from March 7 to 8. [April 4, 2022] Mr. Uno later received the Best Paper Award from the Information Processing Society of Japan (IPSJ) Special Interest Group of Ubiquitous Computing Systems. Takuma Uno, Naoya Isoyama, Hideaki Uchiyama, and Kiyoshi Kiyokawa, "Basic study of a 6-DOF underwater odometry system Read more
We had a farewell party for 9 M2 students who will be graduating this spring. Congratulations! Read more
Monica Perusquia-Hernandez has joined our laboratory as Associate Professor as of March 1st, 2022. Read more
Ms. Kono (M2) and Ms. Otsuka (M1) gave a presentation at Ubiquitous Wearable Workshop (UWW) 2021 on December 19th and 20th, 2021. Ms. Kono's presentation won the Best Student Presentation Award. Congratulations to Ms. Kono! ▪️Message from Ms. Kono I am delighted to be chosen for this award. I am grateful to all of our teachers and everyone who helped us. Although there are still many Read more
Mr. Hagimori (D2) gave an oral presentation at SigHaptics, the Virtual Reality Society of Japan which was held online from Nov. 29th to 30th. His presentation was about how changing the height of the seat changes the perception of one's own posture. Title: Effects of Sitting Posture on a Height Adjustable Chair on Standing Sensation and Postural Perception Presenter’s comment: It was a research presentation on Read more
[The call is closed as of July 9, 2021. Thank you very much for many applications!] Spring Seminar will be held from Feb 28 to Mar 2. The contents are as follows. If you are interested, please apply below. http://isw3.naist.jp/IS/PubWG/Spring2022/index-ja.html Development of AR Apps using AR Foundation and a smartphone AR Try-on App Speech Transcription App AR Object Placement App AR Furniture Arrangement App AR Drum-set Read more
Three M1 teams from our lab took on the challenge of the IVRC, a high-level VR competition for students, and performed very well. It was already an honor for us that all three teams advanced to the SEED STAGE, where only 26 of the 81 entries were selected, but two of them won top awards, making it a historic achievement. Congratulations to the M1 students! Can Read more
Ms. Xiaodan Hu (D1) has been accepted to the “Support Project for Innovative Doctoral Students in the Field of Multi-disciplinary Research in Advanced Science and Technology (NAIST Touch Stone)” under the JST SPRING (Support for Pioneering Research Initiated by the Next Generation) program. Research title: "Smart Sunglasses for Photophobia Using Spatial Light Modulator" In addition, Ms. Hu has been selected as a scholarship recipient of the Read more
We welcomed four interns from August to October, 2021. Tamami Watanabe of Doshisha Univ. developed a smartphone app "AR Drum" using Unity, ARCore, and Maya in the first half, then developed an automatic feeding machine for an axolotl using Raspberry pi4 and Python in the second half. Yuri Tsuchihashi of Nara Women's Univ. developed a VR system that reproduces the Big Light and the Small Light Read more
Our former student Higashi's paper has been accepted to Journal of Robotics and Mechatronics. His paper reports on the experiments in virtual reality that have found that visually modulating the avatars’ faces and gazes such that they appear to turn toward the participants frequently has increased their sense of participation in the conversation. https://doi.org/10.20965/jrm.2021.p1013 (The paper PDF is open access) Kenta Higashi, Naoya Isoyama, Nobuchika Sakata, Read more
We are calling for applicants for Assistant Professor position at Cybernetics and Reality Engineering (CARE) Laboratory, Division of Information Science, Graduate School of Science and Technology, Nara Institute of Science and Technology. We are looking for a wide range of applications on HCI (Human Computer Interaction), psychology/cognitive science, human augmentation, VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality), and related fields. Start-up research funds for women and foreigners Read more
Mr. Kizashi Nakano (D2)'s paper has been accepted to the IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (TVCG). It was accepted to the Journal Track of the IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality (ISMAR) 2021 and will be presented there. This paper shows that reproducing the downward field of view, which has been overlooked in VR head mounted displays, improves the user's sense of Read more
The Summer Seminar was held from August 10 (Tuesday) to 12 (Thursday). 9 students have participated among which 4 participated in person and 5 online. They worked on following topics. Development of AR Apps using AR Foundation and a smartphone AR Try-on App Speech Transcription App AR Object Placement App AR Furniture Arrangement App AR Drum-set App Development of motion recognition apps etc. using M5Stack Gray's Read more
Our D3 student Zhang Yan's paper has been accepted to Optics Letters. His paper reports on a novel optical see-through wide field-of-view (approximately 100 degrees horizontal) AR displays that are capable of hard-edge occlusion by using paired conical reflectors and an LCoS. This is a collaborative research project with the University of Arizona. https://doi.org/10.1364/OL.428714 (The paper PDF is open access) Yan Zhang, Xiaodan Hu, Kiyoshi Kiyokawa, Read more
Three M1 teams of our laboratory challenged the IVRC, which is a high-level VR competition by students, and all three proposals passed the document screening and were selected to the SEED STAGE. Please look forward to future developments. FinGun: (team name) Guns N’ Fingers Nagisanpo: (team name) SeasideWalker Can HUMAN Be Both a Solid and a Liquid? : (team name) Ittanmomen Read more
[The call is closed as of July 9, 2021. Thank you very much for many applications!] We will hold Summer Seminar 2021 from August 10 to 12, 2021. Our laboratory accepts participants on the following two themes. Please apply for the seminar from this page if you are interested. Let's create an AR app on your smartphone Summary: Let's make an AR app that uses a Read more
Assi. Prof. Isoyama's research was introduced in a TV program. The TV program name is Miraiyer (Mirai means Future in Japanese). This research was conducted when he was a assistant professor at Kobe University. In this study, he has designed the system so that the experiencer's play of touching the ball appears to be a dance. He aims to allow the experiencer to be exposed to Read more
Hideaki Uchiyama has joined our laboratory as Associate Professor as of April 1st, 2021. Read more
We welcomed six interns from February to March. Yuito Arisumi of Osaka Pref. Univ. College of Tech developed an AR app that recognizes speech and shows the text near the face using ARCore and Google Cloud Speech. Hiroki Yamaoka of Tokyo Univ. of Science duplicated the study on redirected walking using Oculus Quest 2 which enables walking in a VR space larger than the physical space. Read more
Mr. Hasegawa (M2) gave an oral presentation at INTERACTION 2021 which is the largest domestic conference on human computer interaction held from March 10, 2021 to March 12, 2021. Eiichi Hasegawa, Naoya Isoyama, Nobuchika Sakata, and Kiyoshi Kiyokawa, "Effects of Video Playback Speed on the Performance of Subsequent Tasks" It has been known that the work performance changes while watching a specific video. In this research, Read more
VIPO (Visual Industry Promotion Organization) has released the "Guidelines for Utilizing AR and Other Content Production Technologies" created with the support of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. This is a guideline for utilizing AR and other content production technologies which has been reviewed by the "VR/AR and other content production technology utilization guideline review committee" whose members are Michitaka Hirose (chairperson) of the University Read more
The Spring Seminar was held from February 17 (Wednesday) to 21 (Friday) and 8 students have participated in it. At the Spring Seminar, 8 participants worked on application development like the followings. Use an M5Stack Gray to acquire motion data of the 9-axis sensor, and then classify the user motion in real-time by using a few machine learning algorithms such as a decision tree and k-NN. Read more
Mr. Shikanai, Mr. Yokomi, and Mr. Higashi (M2) gave following presentations at an MVE workshop held online on January 21st and 22nd. Mr. Shikanai's presentation was recognized as the best paper among those submitted to the MVE workshop and won the MVE Award. Congratulations! Yusuke Shikanai, Naoya Isoyama, Nobuchika Sakata, and Kiyoshi Kiyokawa, "Phantact: Proposal of An Augmented Reality System to Induce the Proteus Effect in Read more
We exhibited a research demonstration named "Phantact: the Proteus Effect in the Real World" at CES 2021, an annual technology and innovation event which was held from January 11 to January 14, 2021. Normally, CES is held in Las Vegas, in the states but it was held entirely on the web due to covid-19 this year. In addition, as one of the projects of JAPAN TECH Read more
Our students' work “Kusuguttemi-na” was featured by TBS "Shinsaincho Matsumoto Hitoshi". This system allows you to experience the feeling of being tickled by others by tickling yourself by wearing a VR goggle and a custom rubber gloves. By inflating the rubber gloves at random timing, the prediction of the tactile sensation is made difficult. Please warmly watch over the progress of the project since it is Read more
Prof. Kiyokawa's interview on the current and future of VR/AR technologies appeared in the Seikyo Shimbun on the New Year's Day in 2021. "I had no connection at all with the newspaper, but it was a very good opportunity to disseminate the current and future of VR/AR technologies to the general public. Thank you very much." Read more
Our laboratory was featured on Yomiuri TV "Honwaka TV" from 19:00 on December 18th. Kizashi Nakano (D1) introduced the taste modulation system, and Masahiro Yoshimitsu (M1) introduced the self-tickling system. (Contents) https://www.ytv.co.jp/honwaka/contents/20201218.html "Tools of the Future by Using VR/AR" Cybernetics and Reality Engineering Laboratory, Nara Institute of Science and Technology Read more