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Three M1 student groups developed and published web-based VR navigation applications for Open Campus spending one week. You can try them from Access in the menu. Read more
Kizashi Nakano (M1) has been accepted to IPA Exploratory IT Human Resources Project (Mitou Project). https://www.ipa.go.jp/jinzai/mitou/2019/koubokekka_index.html (in Japanese) Read more
We had Open Campus on May 18th, 2019. We introduced our research and demonstrated our systems to many visitors. Thank you very much! Read more
We had a study session on a 360 video camera Ricoh THETA in preparation for an in-lab training assignment on the development of a web-based VR navigation application. Read more
Our collaborative research with Tokyo Institute of Technology, University of Otago, Osaka University, and Wakayama University on a new optical see-through near-eye display has been featured by Japanese online media. This system shows a virtual image not by adding light but by subtracting light by using a phase-only spatial light modulator. This study has been presented at IEEE VR 2019 and recognized as one of 11 Read more
10 new M1 students have joined our laboratory. Welcome! Cong Xi Kenta Higashi Yuya Kitayama Keisuke Ito Takahito Kobayashi Masatoshi Yokomi Keisuke Nishizawa Eiichi Hasegawa Atsushi Kawabe Yuusuke Shikanai. Read more
Naoya Isoyama Joined our laboratory as Assistant Professor as of 1st April. Read more
Below the paper win "Best Paper Runner-up Award". The paper will appear in IEEE Xplorer. Speech-Driven Facial Animation by LSTM-RNN for Communication Use Ryosuke Nishimura, Nobuchika Sakata, Tomu Tominaga, Yoshinori Hijikata, Kensuke Harada, and Kiyoshi Kiyokawa Read more
Mr. Koshi present "Augmented Concentration: Visual Noise Reduction for Improving Concentration  with a Video See-Through HMD" as a poster paper at APMAR2019. Read more
Prof. Kiyokawa and his organizing team has successfully organized IEEE VR 2019, the top conference on virtual reality and 3D user interfaces, from March 23 to 27, 2019 at Osaka International Convention Center. A record number of 1200+ people have participated in the event. Please refer to the conference website for more details at: http://www.ieeevr.org/2019   Read more
We have presented 2 TVCG Papers, 4 Posters and 2 Research Demos at IEEE VR2019!! TVCG Papers Light Attenuation Display: Subtractive See-Through Near-Eye Display via Spatial Color Filtering, Yuta Itoh, Tobias Langlotz, Daisuke Iwai, Toshiyuki Amano, and Kiyoshi Kiyokawa The Influence of Label Design on Search Performance and Noticeability in Wide Field of View Augmented Reality Displays, Ernst Kruijff, Jason Orlosky, Naohiro Kishishita, Christina Trepkowski, and Read more
Our collaborative research with the University of Electro-Communications and the University of Tokyo on a gustatory manipulation AR system has been featured by several Japanese online media. This system is to induce gustatory illusions by changing food appearance by a neural network called GAN in real-time. A poster and a research demonstration about this study will be presented at IEEE VR 2019. https://shiropen.com/seamless/enchanting-your-noodles https://www.moguravr.com/ar-ramen-yakisoba/ Read more
On 18th January 2019, a M1 student, Masaki Koshiki, has made a poster presentation entitled “Improving Concentration by Visual Noise Reduction with a Video See-Through HMD” at SIG-MR in Kyoto.   Read more
We were going to Second Lab trip, even as day trip. The site was Kyoto. It is slightly strange experiment to go with close sightseeing place. Read more
On 25th December, we have hold Year-end party of 2018 at Gyuukaku yakiniku restaurant. All people have fun without any business. Read more
  We present a demo on Innovation Stream Kansai. Thank for all participants. Read more
We held a joint seminar with the Osaka University ONOYE Lab (Associate professor Yuichi Ito). In that joint seminar, we proposed and made gadgets with combining Littlebits I/O and Arduino. Finally, we made oral presentations about those gadgets.   Read more
We presented a demo of "Let's get inside our stomach and split up" at Takayama Science Festival on 11th November. Thank you for our participants.   Read more
A M1 student, Shido Okubo, has made a poster presentation entitled “Behavior analysis inducing objective self-awareness with presenting a mirror image of ownself" at SIG-MR in Sapporo, Read more
A M2 student, Shingo Okeda, has made a poster presentation entitled "Toward More Believable VR by Smooth Transition between Real and Virtual Environments via Omnidirectional Video" at ISMAR 2018 in Munich, Germany. This submission has received very high review scores with all fives.   Read more
Following new students have joined from October, 2018. Welcome! Zhang Yan (张言) (D1) Nermeen Shaltout (research student, D1 from April, 2019) Andrés Roberto Gómez Vargas (research student, D1 from April, 2019) Cong Xi (叢煕) (research student, M1 from April, 2019)   Read more
A new intern,, from ESIEE Paris, France, has joined the CARE laboratory. He will do his internship for about six months withus. Welcome!   Read more
On July 30, 2018, a Japanese version of "Augmented Reality: Principles and Practice" will be published from Mynavi Publishing Corporation. The book introduces principles, practices, and research examples on how to overlay generated computer graphics onto the real world. It is a comprehensive guide to AR / MR / VR for anyone interested in these areas. It also helps to overview typical techniques, representative research examples Read more
Prof. Bruce Thomas of University of South Australia has visited the CARE laboratory. Read more
A new intern, Etienne Juif, from Image Multimedia Audiovisual and Communication (IMAC), France has joined the CARE laboratory. He will do his internship for about three months with us. Welcome! Read more
A new intern, Chanokthorn Uerpairojkit, from Chulalongkorn University, Thailand has joined the CARE laboratory. He will do his internship for about three months with us. Welcome! Read more
The teachers who came to NAIST at the IEEE ISMAR 2018 program committee video conference visited our laboratory. Teachers gave a lecture on cutting-edge AR/VR field, and many students participated. Read more
A new intern, Sorapon Pondsomchai, from Chulalongkorn University, Thailand has joined the CARE laboratory. He will do his internship for about three months with us. Welcome! Read more
Two new interns, Mohamed Beldi and Nguyen Hien Minh from Polytech Paris-Sud, School of Engineering (Paris-Saclay), France, have joined the CARE laboratory. They will do their internships for about three months with us. Welcome!   Read more
A new intern, Dorian Tona, from ESIEE Paris, France, has joined the CARE laboratory. He will do his internship for about three months with us. Welcome! Read more